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Wonderlap Audio Station(WL-500A)

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Wonderlap Audio Station(WL-500A)


 Wonderlap Audio Station provides an ideal environment to laptop and Smartphone users by helping them to keep ergonomic postures with perfect sound system at different locations and sittings.



 Ergonomically designed Wonderlap Audio Station helps you keep the ideal posture. it relieves the discomfort you may experience such as from neck, back, shoulders, and wrists when using laptops.
 Audio station offers you quality sound even within 60cm, so you can enjoy music and movie without having to interrupt your family members or other people in the same room.
 The sweet spot is the focal point between two speakers, where a user can hear the stereo sound the way it was intended to be heard.  With Wonderlap Audio Station,  you can experience the perfect stereo sound in sweet spot.


 Ergonomically designed station relieves laptop users’ typical physical pains such as turtle neck syndrome, backache, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Provides 60cm stereo triangle hearing sounds: An upgrade from your plain sound system on your Smart phone and laptop. Luxuriously designed smart station can be placed anywhere In your home or office as part of your furniture. All-in-one station offers an integrated system that maximizes the users’ convenient laptop experience.







38cm x 75cm x 54cm
Dark Gray(Basic, option: TBD in various colors)
Plastic, iron, aluminum
Electric power
Powered through USB cable on Laptop computer


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Wonderlap Audio Station-WL-500A-

Wonderlap Audio Station-WL-500A-

Wonderlap Audio Station-WL-500A-